Mission, Aims & Objectives


  • “To eradicate poverty with it’s root causes by means of Health, Education,  Self Employment and woman empowerment.”


  • To eradicate poverty in Walwa block with all elements of the society.
  • Overall development like Educational, Socio economic development.
  • To continue hard work of poverty eradication smoothly and effectively.
  • To minimize unemployment by means of Employment and Self employment.
  • To create self dependent society by conducting different trainings, vocational courses, camps and camps for women.
  • To enable the BPL people to get 100% advantage of the Government Schemes.
  • To eliminate illiteracy, superstitions and addiction from the society.


  • Walwa block is gaining special recognition in Maharashtra State through poverty eradication campaign.
  • Intensity of poverty has been reduced through poverty eradication campaign.
  • All the government schemes have reached to the common people within a short period of time.
  • Poverty Eradication Campaign has resulted into reduction of Intensity of Illiteracy, addiction, superstitions, ignorance and  laziness .
  • The Poverty Eradication Campaign is creating prosperous, well educated and well cultured society.